Why did we create ARTTS? 

  • ARTTS will be a major initiative to democratize Art, giving unprecedented access to a wide diversity of Artworks for the greatest number of people, and allowing non-discriminatory payment methods
  • ARTTS will become a community, proud to support and promote culture and heritage, through the redistribution of the revenues generated on the platform
  • ARTTS will enable greater diversity in the art world. The world does not need more standardization, but better access to quality art. We believe that this is how we can contribute to a more sensitive world.
  • ARTTS will become a media through the creation of quality content. We want to insist on the purpose of Art, underlying the reason behind each work because they always have stories worth telling.
  • ARTTS will generate a balanced business model by devising multiple new benefits for Artists and copyright holders, adding value to Art and the process of its creation.