Ensuring provenance from past to future. 

Renewing collectors’ trust


What is our mission?

We believe in the power of art and its preservation for future generations. We want to transform the way artworks are certified, managed and valued by leveraging years of art market experience, technology and trusted legal third parties.

Why work with us?

Our certification solution represents a huge step forward to protect your artworks.

Trusted third party

Our process is validated by a legal officer who keeps a record of the certificate in his registry and on the blockchain. This is the best protection tool you can have In the event of a future dispute regarding the origin or authenticity of the certificate.


We provide you with exhaustive certificate templates, taking into account the best practices in the art world, to standardize and professionalize this document.


Even if you continue to provide your clients with the paper certificate as well as a digital version, the zero knowledge proof certificate is a technology that makes sure you have an unforgeable link to the certificate.

Are you an artist, an art professional or an art collector?

We will make your certification process easier while adding value for collectors whose artwork’s value will be better protected over time.

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