About us

We are a team with diverse backgrounds and a global mindset.

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team in terms of geography, experience and generation. This ensures a diversity of perspectives and opinions, as well as an international network present in many of the world’s art capitals.

We believe in the power of art and its preservation for future generations. We want to transform the way artworks are certified, managed and valued by leveraging years of art market experience, technology and trusted legal third parties. We want to ensure that every work of art has a unique, secure and traceable fingerprint to protect its authenticity and value.

Our mission is to become a trusted partner for artists, art dealers and experts, making your job easier while adding value for collectors whose artwork’s value will be better protected over time.

Meet our team

We are based in Belgium but our team members are located in different locations, allowing us to deploy projects globally.

Where our team
is located

Our roots are in Belgium,
but our team has wings that allow us to deploy projects
elsewhere in the world.




Buenos aires

São Paulo

Los Angeles




Cape Town


Upcoming events

Some events, art fairs and happenings in which Artts will be participating