Why you should work with us to certify your artworks

A work of art faces many challenges during its lifetime. Frauds and forgeries are constantly evolving, requiring art professionals, artists and collectors to be more cautious than ever to protect the value of the artworks. After all, art is a matter of trust isn’t it? That’s what we are here for.



With ARTTS, we have created a solution that addresses the most pressing issues of artwork’s certification:  a secured and standardized certificate of authenticity, easy to create and access, that constitutes the first building block of the provenance.

Join us and be part of this soft evolution that will benefit the whole art industry! 

Our solution for creating your certificate of authenticity offers three major benefits.



Our process is validated by a legal officer who keeps a record of the certificate in his registry and on the blockchain. This is the best protection tool you can have In the event of a future dispute regarding the origin or authenticity of the certificate. This is the insurance to win any conflict about authenticity and, if necessary, to prove you are right.



This provides you with exhaustive certificate templates, taking into account the best practices in the art world, to standardize and professionalize this document.



Even if you continue to provide your clients with the paper certificate as well as a digital version, the zero knowledge proof certificate is a technology that makes sure you have an unforgeable link to the certificate. This technology we offer you  decentralization ensures its longevity over time and allows you to always be in touch with a legal officer.