Maria Corte

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Transits is the title of María Corte’s first collection of animated pieces in NFT format. 

These “transits” refer to the displacements of techniques and formats with which the artist experiments. They are the journeys from the digital to the material with which María Corte weaves her kaleidoscopic artistic plot. As an illustrator, María usually starts the creative process with an idea that rehearses its first forms from pencil sketches. These sketches then take shape, roundness, and color on her electronic tablet. When these digital illustrations are finished and reach the hands of the client that commissioned them, they are transmuted back to paper, either in the form of book covers, newspaper articles, or posters that cover the streets of the city.

Now, with “Tránsits”, María is trying out a new material leap.


The Digital Collection

But this adventure doesn’t end here. Now that we have the paintings in front of us, Maria Corte and Artts start to give them movement. To do so, they are working on the first series of five digital art collections, in the form of short animations, where the figures and colors of the original paintings change before our eyes.

The creation and distribution of digital art is possible thanks to blockchain technology, through which limited and decentralized series are generated.  This is what is popularly known as NFTs, an acronym for “non-fungible tokens”. 

This piece of digital art is certified and gives access to a number of specific benefits that you will find detailed in this blog post.


  • Access to the digital artwork, an animation, in high definition (private use).
  • Access to the preparatory drawings of the work (sketches).
  • Exclusive access to an intimate 20-minute interview with the artist in her studio (at home).

About the artist

She studied at the Escola Massana in her hometown, where she graduated in 2009 with a degree in Illustration. Since then she has collaborated with several national and international publishers. In press, her work stands out in media such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Playboy, La Repubblica, La Vanguardia, and Vanity Fair. In 2014, she published her first book J is for Jazz, a scintillating illustrated alphabet about the history of jazz. Her interventions in the public space deserve special mention. Since her first campaign for the Barcelona City Council in 2009 (the La Laia posters), she has not stopped working on different urban projects, such as La Mercè 2019, the Madrid 2020 Carnival, or the Madrileñear 2021 campaign. She was the artist in charge of inaugurating the Altell Il-lustrat cycle of the Sala Ciutat bookstore in Barcelona (2016) with a gigantic mural that portrayed the effervescence of the Catalan capital. A year later she devised the poster and wall illustrations for the Mediapro Live exhibition at the Palau Robert. In November 2022 she opened her first solo exhibition of paintings at the Gothsland Gallery in Barcelona and launched her first NFT collection by the hand of Artts.