Didier Comès


Didier Comès’s legacy in the comic world

The work of Didier Comès can be described as universal and eternal. As a matter of fact, we chose this work for the incredible universality of the subjects Didier Comès is addressing. He was above all, a great storyteller and he is still fairly unknown by the international public. His work is very special in several ways. For the coherence of his universe, deeply inspired by his native land and his childhood.

Some of the artworks presented illustrate how the universe of Didier Comès takes us to a cinematographic aesthetic language…Few words, large boxes, and masses of black and white to let the reader dream. It is not a coincidence that some dream of taking ‘Silence’ to the big screen. His acute and profound sense of observation, combined with the mastery of the drawing of his tracing, immediately transports the viewer to a captivating universe. The mystery and beauty of Comès’s storyline excel particularly through the development of several mystical characters who are immersed in an animist universe. Like the blind witch in ‘Silence’, they often live in total harmony with nature.

Comès gives these characters an extremely important role in these stories, which resemble a classic black and white movie. Indeed, these mysterious heroes fly to the rescue of human beings that society has marginalized. The work of Comès becomes a phenomenal and monochromatic frame that also serves as a mirror of society. Each of Comes artworks irradiates the universality of this talented narrator.


The Digital Collection

A unique collections made of 13 splendid original boards

Thanks to the collaboration of the King Baudouin Foundation, keeper of the original and complete work of the artists, and Editions Casterman, Artts has minted a series of digital artworks from 13 original drawings of the author. For each original drawing, 15 non-fungible tokens will be available.  25% of the revenues from this sale will be dedicated to the restoration of the original artwork, that is damaged and requires rapid intervention to regain its original splendor and artistic quality. 

Art lovers and philanthropists supporting this project will have the privilege of receiving a certified and authentic life-size physical fine art copy of the drawing delivered to their homes.


  • One authentic reproduction of the original board at its actual size delivered at your home (Hahnemuhle 308gr paper support in 57 x 36 cm format) 
  • High definition image of the artwork (private use only)   
  • Logion Certificate of the Digital Artwork 
  • Access to an exclusive interview with Thierry Bellefroid discussing Didier Comès’s work and legacy.

About the artist

He was born in Sourbrodt, a village in the eastern Cantons, in 1942. He defined himself as a “bastard of two cultures”, a trait that marked his work. A musician at first, he would only move on to comics later after his first professional experiences as an industrial designer. In 1975, he wrote L’Ombre du corbeau. He participated in the birth of the newspaper (A Suivre) in 1978. By that time, many already considered him the successor of Hugo Pratt. His career took off with the publication of ‘Silence’, his major work (at Casterman), which sold more than 150,000 copies in less than 2 years. He was strongly inspired by American comics, in particular by the work of the American cartoonist Milton Caniff. During his career, he became very close to Hugo Pratt, whom he later considered a big brother.