Artts is a unique platform for you to
start your digital art collection

We’ve been observing how the art world has evolved over the last two years and knew we wanted to create something different. We wanted you to feel comfortable and safe while exploring this new era of art collection. Now, we are ready to bring an innovative and secure solution that will give value to and meet the expectations of art collectors everywhere.

And no, this is not just another “NFT thing”. We are here to connect the past and the future which is why all of the artwork we share with you has a story worth telling.

We are here to bring out the full potential of art. Join us in this revolution.


Your collection in high definition

The majority of art lovers have yet to be tempted by digital art collections (NFTs) because most platforms do not allow private access to high-resolution images, leaving art lovers without a real way to enjoy them.
What if you could start your digital collection and also be able to display it on a screen at home? What if you could enjoy your digital artwork in a physical space? To address this need, we came up with a real and safe solution by offering our customers access to a series of exclusive content using blockchain technology.
With ARTTS, you will be able to legally display high-resolution images of your NFT collection at home, fulfilling the promise of a real art experience.
As we work on new collections in the future, we will also test different technologies (AR, VR, AI, etc.), media, and devices (smartphones, large screens, walls, etc.), in order to enhance the experiences linked to our collections. Always bearing in mind our final goal which is to create value for our community.

Exclusive digital storytelling

What would art be without contextualization? Without knowing or understanding the artists and the stories behind their work? Each work must be put in context to generate the emotions we seek in our artistic experiences. Our digital collections will tell you a story through exclusive audio-visual material, only accessible to collectors. Whether it’s a podcast or a short interview, we systematically want to enrich the collection with quality content.

Access to special events

Art is about experiences that generate emotion. This is why we link each collection with special events you can attend, like meeting the artist or discovering exclusive locations. Digital tools must serve the experience and, as much as possible, bring a greater audience to physical venues. A couple of years ago it was difficult for people to meet and be together, remember? This was the moment we realized how important it is to live collective artistic experiences. For this reason, ARTTS leverages digital technologies to create new opportunities for the art world (museums, art galleries, artists, private collections, and events).

Certification & uniqueness

Does it make sense to create digital art collections that can be easily copied? This is still the case for the vast majority, sold as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that circulate on most platforms. Our goal is to create collections that are permanent, in line with the Web3 philosophy, thanks to safe digital ownership. We ensure safe digital ownership of art collections through our blockchain infrastructure provided in partnership with LOGION, the only public blockchain where token-related data and files are transformed into certified evidence and tokens are safeguarded by a decentralized network of legal officers.


Technology is not something imposed on us, nor is it an established order to which we are subject. New technologies (e.g. software, the blockchain) will always be tools that serve specific purposes. As for ARTTS, we want new technologies that support the development of culture and art in our world because we truly believe this will bring many benefits to all.

Impact is not an empty word with Artts

From its artistic and technological conception, with each collection launched with ARTTS, we will redistribute a portion of our income to benefit a clearly identified cause, such as the restoration of a work of art or the promotion of an unknown heritage. We want to “impact” social, cultural, and environmental causes through our contributions, or simply support contemporary artists.